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Workforce of
abroad legally

Get your employees efficiently

We're saving you time

Move time-consuming searches, addressing and initial interviews with suitable candidates for us.

The best price

With us you pay only a one-time price, not multiples of the employee's salary.


We will find the first selected candidates within 5 days

Addressing the whole market

We advertise not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland etc.


Recruitment abroad

Recruitment abroad, especially in Ukraine and in the European Union and beyond. Finding the best professionals / workers and their legal transfer to the Czech Republic, including administrative and support services.

Give us your requirements, we will take care of everything else.

Relocation including visa services

Are you going to hire a person from abroad and want to secure their resettlement, or are you already employed and need to renew your visa? We take care of the necessary permits, arrange travel, housing, Czech courses for foreigners, school attendance for children, verification of education, arranging insurance and more.


Are you considering your options and wondering if employing foreigners is right for your business? Or do you already employ foreigners and need advice from experienced professionals?

We provide general advice and consultations in specific situations. In person, by phone and in several languages.

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