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We are searching employees from abroad

Do you miss a tightly specialized specialist or a skilled workforce in your company? Do not be limited by borders and employ foreigners. With our help it will be easier than you think.

Nábor zaměstnanců v zahraničí, především na Ukrajině a v zemích Evropské unie i mimo ni. Vyhledání nejlepších odborníků/pracovníků a jejich legální přesun do České republiky včetně administrativního a podpůrného servisu.

Zadejte nám své požadavky, my se postaráme o všechno ostatní.

For the employer

Doing business in a competitive environment requires quick and creative decisions that only professionals can make.

Creating such a team without the involvement of qualified personnel will require a lot of time and resources.


CASSUTO CONSULTING S.R.O. provides specialized assistance to employers and offers comprehensive personnel solutions. Our services will help you find the right employee and create optimally comfortable conditions for interaction between staff and management.

We provide


Recruitment of permanent, seasonal and temporary work (both for craft professions and industries with the need for highly qualified personnel).


Resolving personnel problems through outsourcing. This service helps you optimize your business model, reduce accounting and personnel workloads and minimize the risks associated with dispute resolution.


Recruitment of qualified staff to sit for work or to replace staff on maternity, sick leave or leave.


The employment of foreign workers offers many advantages - the employer has the opportunity to use talented, motivated and experienced employees. Experience from doing business abroad, a new look at the company's internal structure and an updated team.


We meet all the client's requirements and understand the specific requirements, because each business sector needs specialists with certain skills. We assure you that future employees are carefully selected in terms of both qualification and psychology, as it is very important that the employee is organizationally involved in both work and the team.


Trust us and make sure our team of experts will help accelerate the development of your company with high-quality, tailored professionals.

Selection of staff


The key to successful business is a team of professionals who organize and develop the company. Leadership often has a clear idea of what kind of person is needed to replace one or the other position, what skills they should have. The problem, however, is how to find such a specialist in the short term.


CASSUTO CONSULTING S.R.O. offers employers a comprehensive recruitment solution that offers a number of indisputable advantages


We will save you time that you can devote to priority tasks


The selected candidates have all the necessary skills to replace the vacancy. This applies to both professional specialties and highly qualified leadership


Staff can be selected for seasonal, temporary or permanent work, according to your business requirements


Future employees have a proven track record and are interviewed before joining your company


Specialists from CASSUTO CONSULTING S.R.O. - are competent professionals who meet deadlines and are responsible


The admission procedure includes: analysis of submitted documents from the applicant, familiarization with the CV, personal interviews, psychological and professional testing, verification of recommendations, eligibility decisions, arranging an interview with the employer (on request) and preparation of a draft employment contract with subsequent processing of all necessary documents.

Human resources play a key role in creating society. Choosing the right employees is a key task and we will help your business find effective and talented employees!


If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us using the contact form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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