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About us

CASSUTO CONSULTING S.R.O. - a company through which anyone who is ready to travel to another country and work with their own strength and use all their skills. Can get a job in businesses in the Czech Republic and other European Union countries.

There are many companies around the world that are able to use their resources and grow rapidly but they need hardworking and capable employees. We are able to find the right person. We study all the requirements in detail and follow all precautions to safely select the ideal employee.

We help companies find employees abroad and foreigners and their families to start living and working in the Czech Republic. We specialize in relocating the workforce from Ukraine.

Most often we are contacted by companies that want to help with finding a foreign workforce and use our comprehensive turnkey services. Depending on the client's requirements, we recruit employees inside and outside the European Union and do all the work needed to relocate the employee to the Czech Republic as soon as possible and start working there. We provide visa services and advice to companies that already employ foreigners.

Why would you should hire employees from Ukraine?

Ukraine is often perceived rather negatively. It is often associated with unskilled labor or even criminality. We believe it is time to get rid of such prejudices. The labor market in Ukraine is developing dynamically and offers a wide range of professionals in all fields. So why employ Ukrainians?

  • They are loyal and flexible

  • They are highly specialized

  • They can learn Czech quickly

  • Contract length is up to 2 years

  • Low fluctuation

  • Clean criminal record


Recruitment abroad

We have a long-term cooperation with Czech employers and we can find a job for you that you will be satisfied with. We offer work at solid companies under fair conditions.

Register in our database of candidates or immediately choose from the currently offered positions.


Relocation including visa services

Are you going to hire a person from abroad and want to secure their resettlement, or are you already employed and need to renew your visa? We take care of the necessary permits, arrange travel, housing, Czech courses for foreigners, school attendance for children, verification of education, arranging insurance and more.



Are you considering your options and wondering if employing foreigners is right for your business? Or do you already employ foreigners and need advice from experienced professionals?

We provide general advice and consultations in specific situations. In person, by phone and in several languages.

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